Fort Logan Northgate School

Updated: June 19, 2020

Fort Logan Northgate School opened in January, 2015. This is the newest school in Sheridan School District #2. A BEST grant was obtained for construction of the school which began 2013. The cost of building Northgate and the improvements for the Early Childhood Center, which was relocated to the old Middle School, totaled $29,501,939. The BEST grant share was $23,011,521. The school district bond portion was $6,490,426.
A total of 2,870 cubic yards of concrete were used in the construction of Northgate along with 500 tons of steel. The building was constructed in fifteeen months. There are 70 geo thermal wells that go 500 fee deep which heat the the building. There is over fifty miles of data cable within the building. The building has a gold LEED rating. The address for the school is 4000 S. Lowell Boulevard.
Picture of Fort Logan Northgate School from Southwest Picture of Fort Logan Northgate School from Northwest
Left picture, view from southwest looking at the main entrance. Right picture, view from northwest looking at the field and backside of school.
The school houses grades 3 through 8 on two floors. With the opening of Northgate both Fort Logan Elementary and Ora Oliver schools were closed and demolished. The area where Ora Oliver was located was replaced by a artificial turf athletic field.
The new mascot for the school is the Commanders.
 Principals: From: To:
 Nelson Van Vranken January, 2015 May, 2019
 William "Bill" Blandón June, 2019  May, 2020 
 Veronica "BJ" Jeffers June, 2020  Current 

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