Sheridan Middle School

Updated: September 6, 2015

Prior to the fall of 1967, the Junior High was at Fort Logan. Split sessions started in the Fall of 1967 in the old high school building on South Federal. Grades 10 -12 attended in the morning. Grades 7 - 9 (Junior High) attended in the afternoon. The "new" high school was first occupied in the Fall of 1972. Construction was not completed until the middle of the school year. The "Middle School" (grades 6 - 8) officially started in the Fall of 72 in the old high school building.
More history pending.
The "Middle School" was closed in January, 2015, when the new Fort Logan Northgate School opened. The Middle School building (the old high school) now houses the Early Childhood Program and the Soar Academy (alternative high school program). The school district administration is in the lower campus building.


Clark Bond
James Taylor
Paul Rochester
Patric McIntosh
Vernita Mickens
????- 1994

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