Ora Oliver Elementary School
(Early Childhood)

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Written by Bonita Hutcheson and Thea Hutcheson for "Sheridan Celebrates" in 2014.
Ora G. Oliver elementary school was built in 1959 by the District on a Federal Government property, part of the Military Fort. Later that parcel, as well as the larger parcel to the east was deeded to the Sheridan Union School District. South Suburban Metropolitan Parks and Recreation District built a center on the land, and in 1970 the new high school was built on the east end of the land. The balance of the property has become a beautiful Park. This parcel included land from Oxford to Mansfield and S. Irving to S. Lowell.

In reviewing the history of this parcel, it was not part of the original Fort. It was a larger parcel and a big building was there called the Fabian Mercantile which was located just about where the High School sits today. The building was on what we know today as Irving Street, which was open all the way to Oxford. The Officers at the Fort petitioned the government to purchase this tract so that they could have use of the building. Once the military took over the land they, of course, folded it into the Fort property.

The school has several interesting features that give the school a unique personality. The most beautiful piece is a large floor safe made by Hall’s Safe & Lock Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, and purchased from the Charpiot Safe Company in Denver, Colorado, is a remarkably beautiful piece of work with gilt embellishments at the corners and featuring a sailing scene surround by an ornate gilt frame.

At some point in the past, the school was awarded a State of Colorado Superior Standard School Award. The plaque hangs down the main hall behind a door.
When the Fort gave the land grant to the school district, they took a much needed breath and used the time to get organized, and utilize the buildings that they had to the best advantage.
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