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School Crest

The following story about the school crest appears in the 1974 - 1975 "Rampages", the Sheridan High School annual from 1975.

Picture of the Sheridan High School crest from the 1975 school annual."For twenty years, Sheridan High has had no recognition by means of a heraldic crest. Last year a committee of eight students from the high school designed a crest, original in every detail, to represent Sheridan.

The ram on the top is Sheridan High's mascot, our motto is "In ourselves our future lies." The crest is divided into three sections representing the three districts united to form the present Sheridan School District. Dividing the sections is Bear Creek at the bottom and railroad tracks both being major features in early Sheridan. Each section is devoted to the past, present, or future. The past is General Sheridan, namesake of the Fort and our city. The present is a sketch of our school, and the future is hope of world united through education shown by clasped hands below a lamp of education. The date of 1952 was the completion of our first high school and 1972 the completion of our new high school. On the right hangs our school flag; on the left hangs the Colorado State flag.

The members of the committee are: Pat Olearnick, Nancy Marple, Jani Apjoke, Marty Hamel, Pam Toney, Penny Walker, James Schambow, Mike Olearnick.

Our thanks to our sponsors, Mr. Martin and Mr. Williams, and all the people who helped with the crest."


Crest carving in the high school lobby.
Crest picture from Sheridan High School stationery.

 Crest banner in the high school auditorium.
Picture of school crest banner inside the auditorium.

 Crest as it appears on high school stationery.
Crest on high school stationery.

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