William "Bill" C. Carter

June 18, 1932 - October 21, 2019

William C. Carter was born on June 18, 1932 in Denver, Colorado the son of Richard H. and Evelyn Carter. Bill grew up in both Cripple Creek and Denver. Bill graduated from East High School in Denver in 1951. Bill met his wife Dorothy Mae Clark in 1950. They were married in June 1954. He was a member of Wedding picture of Bill and Dorothy Carter from 1954.ROTC and after high school he joined the Army Reserves. He served in the Reserves and rose to the rank of staff sergeant. He was honorably discharged from the Reserves in 1964.

They moved to Sheridan in February 1959 and Bill quickly joined the Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department in June 1959. Bill was involved with the construction of the "new" fire house at 1995 W. Hamilton Place in 1964. During the flood in 1965, he worked countless hours to save or salvage friend's and neighbor's properties which were damaged in the Platte River flood.

"The city bought a new fire truck in the summer of 1966. It was the first time the city ever had a brand new fire truck. The fire truck was made by the Howell Company at their factory in Anderson, Indiana. Bill Carter was given the task of retrieving the new fire truck. A few days before Independence Day, Bill and his wife Dorothy flew to Indianapolis. From there they took a bus to Anderson. They toured the factory and warehouse. All of the fire trucks in the warehouse were red except one. The white fire truck was for Sheridan. Bill was showed how to operate the fire truck. Howell Company topped off the gas tank and Bill was given the keys.

The Carter's left Anderson about 2:30 pm. On their return they spent a night in Springfield, Illinois. As they were coming out of Missouri into Kansas, Bill was worried as the "gas gauge was on empty." After they crossed the state line and crested the hill there was a gas station at the bottom and Bill was relieved. It took several minutes to fill the thirty-five gallon tank. While at the filling station the local police chief came by and looked at the new fire truck. He told Bill "No fire engine comes through town without me knowing about it." That evening the Carter's stayed in Belleville, Kansas.

The Carter's stopped at a couple of volunteer fire departments along the way as they came across US Highway 36 back to Colorado. Bill did not want to drive on the Interstate highway because he was not familiar with the new fire engine as the driver's seat was above the front wheel. Dorothy assisted with some of the driving. They got back into Sheridan that night. Chief Stanfield was at his fireworks stand when Bill drove by with the new fire engine. The Chief told Bill he thought at first the fire engine was from Denver because it was white and he did not recognize it."

Bill served as the last volunteer Fire Chief of the Sheridan Fire Department from June 1978 to June 1979. Both of his sons Ron and Tom served as volunteers in the department. His wife Dorothy at one time served as the President of the Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary. Dorothy was also a member of the Sheridan school board from 1977 to 1999.

Bill also served on the Sheridan City Council for nine years from January 1973 through December 1981 and as City Treasurer for nine months in 1982. He served on the Sheridan Celebrates committee for over twenty years. He was also on the board of trustees of the Sheridan Historical Society for over twenty years before retiring from the board in June 2016. Bill served as Vice President of the board for most of that time.

Bill worked on the custodial and maintenance staff for Denver Public Schools, including many years at Sabin Elementary School. In total, he worked for DPS forty and half years retiring in 1987. He also worked part time as a lock smith.

Bill had been in poor health the last few years and was recently placed in hospice care. Bill passed away on October 21, 2019. Just one week after the passing of his son Ron. Bill was also predeceased by his wife Dorothy in 1999. Bill is survived by his daughters Leslie (Don) Smith, Brenda (Michael) Robinson, son Tom (LuAnn) Carter, daughter in-law Mary (Ron) Carter, five grandsons, numerous great grandchildren, brother in-law Richard Hansen, sister in-laws Virginia Mills and Verna Clark.

A combined memorial service for Bill and Ron is planned for the spring of 2020.

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