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With a forward written by Roger Rowland and introduction written by Bonita Hutcheson.


"Sheridan Celebrates" has been held each year since the city centennial in 1990. There is a theme for each year and a booklet is published containing information about the City of Sheridan, the activities and sponsors for the day, and history. The theme in 1994 was "Family Ties." In 1994 biographies were included for six Sheridan families.


Families provide the backbone in any community. Sheridan has always maintained a family oriented front and projected those values upon its government and education structures. Sheridan's early history was marked by settlement of the fertile areas along the Platte River and Bear Creek, Fort Logan, and the hill north of the farm that John McBroom, Sheridan's first resident settled on. In later years more people would follow, drawn by available land, bringing their families or their hopes of one to make homes, create industries, and add to the richness of this small community.

Watching a community grow and knowing that personal effort has brought about the changes provides not only pleasure and pride but serves as a positive role model for the next generation of active community members. The Carters are one family who have successfully raised a family and served their community.

The Carter Family

by Dorothy & Bill Carter

Dorothy and Bill Carter moved to Sheridan in February 1959. When they moved to Sheridan, all streets in the north and east part of town were gravel; many of them have now been paved and some have sidewalks. Parts of the town did not have water or sewage systems yet, although they were installed shortly afterward in the district.

"Shortly after moving there, Bill joined the Volunteer Fire Department, from which he retired as chief in June 1980 after 21 years of service." Bill was there in 1963 to help the Volunteer Fire Department work very hard to build the new firehouse, contracting out part of the construction. In 1964 Dorothy and Bill went to Indiana to drive the fire department's new fire truck back to Colorado from the factory."

During the flood in 1965, the volunteer fire department worked countless hours to save or salvage their friend's and neighbor's properties which were damaged in the flood.

Bill also has a history of service to the city's government. "He served as councilman for 9 years [1972-1981], and treasurer of the city for a short time" after that.

Dorothy has contributed to her community by "being active in the PAMs (Petersburg Association of Mothers) when her children were in school and by serving on the Sheridan School Board for the last 17 years. Dorothy has been employed with H & R Block for 27 years as a tax preparer, office manager and instructor.

"The Carters' four children: Ronald, Leslie Smith, Brenda and Tom all attended Sheridan schools. Their five grandsons: Adam, Jason, T.J. and Jeff Carter, and Donny Smith follow the same family tradition.

Sheridan Ladies Auxiliary was formed early in the '60s to back the firemen when needed. Some of the ladies who are still in the city are: Dorothy Banks, our first president: Edna Stanfield; Rowena Yarbrough; LaVaughn Gillespie; Dorothy Carter; Helen John; Juanita Sitler; Nadine Palmer.

One of the things they did was to get coffee, donuts and sandwiches when there were large fires, and there were many. They served many meals and snacks as the firemen helped build the new firehouse, just before the flood.

During the flood many hours were spent helping the people that were flooded out. There were many money making projects as they did not get money from the fireman or the city.

One of the fun things was to participate in the Tri-County field day, running races against other ladies' teams with the fire hoses. The ladies won between 10 to 15 trophies, that were burned up in the fire at the fire house.

Other projects included Christmas parties, Easter Egg hunts, Halloween parties, and New Year's Eve parties for the firemen and friends.

Note: Dorothy Carter passed away on August 29, 1999. A eulogy was given by then Superintendent of Schools Ken Reiter. The eulogy can be reached by clicking the following link: Dorothy Carter.

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