Homesteaders and First Settlers
Sheridan, Colorado

New: October 29, 2021

The first "homesteader" in Sheridan was John McBroom. John actually paid cash for his first land in Sheridan on December 1, 1865. He was the third person in line that day at the Golden, Colorado land office to purchase his land. Peter Olson was number 16 in the same line on December 1, 1865. McBroom's brothers followed him as actual homesteaders in 1871 and 1872. James homesteaded on September 30, 1871 and Isaac on July 20, 1872. James subsequently sold his homestead land to Isaac. Peter Magnes first bought his land in Sheridan from Tom Skerritt. Most of the first settlers in Sheridan bought their land from the federal government. The only other person to "homestead" in Sheridan was Otis Hardenberg on December 13, 1876.

A map has been prepared based on the table listed above. The map is available in a PDF file format at this link: Homestead & Settlers Map.

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