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Written by Bonita Hutcheson and edited by Thea Hutcheson
for "Sheridan Celebrates" in 1997.

John McBroom worked for the military and sometime during the later half of 1857 was with the troop as wagonmaster when gold was discovered near Pike's Peak. McBroom surveyed the Platte River, south of Cherry Creek. He was discharged from the military at Camp Foy in Utah in August of 1858 and chose to come back to the area he surveyed the previous year instead of going gold hunting as so many of the men did.

He returned to the area, filing two homestead claims on land. It was six years before the first U. S. patent was handed over to him, signed by President Andrew Johnson. The second was signed four years later by President Ulysses S. Grant. He built his first cabin a block and one-half from modern day Hampden Ave on Clay Street just a little south of Bear Creek. He left to winter in Santa Fe, the nearest settlement, Denver not being more than a collection of cabins called St. Charles, soon to be abandoned for winter.

In 1860, John was joined by his brother Isaac, his wife Emma (Brower), their one surviving child, one year old Eva Josephine. Isaac built an addition to John's house. They all lived there for a year until the McBrooms could build a cabin on Isaac's homestead, just west of present day Federal Blvd., and adjoining John's property. In 1866 John married Emma Burnett, a pioneer woman who had come to the area around 1960. They had five children, two survived, Dora McBroom Curkeet, and J. W, McBroom.

Meanwhile, to the east of John McBroom's land, Peter Magnes [Magnus], a Swede, came to the area around 1859 with wife Bertha and daughter Lena. Lena was born on the banks of Cherry Creek, and is thought to be the first white child born in the area. They settled about seven miles south of Denver. He built a log cabin and purchased 160 acres for farming. [This may have been his homestead, or one purchased from another settler.]

In 1873 he filed a subdivision plat on part of his land and designated it Petersburgh [Petersburg]. He invited other Swedish immigrants to join him there. Its boundaries were [probably the Platte River] west of Natches Court (then Mill Road), South Santa Fe Drive (then Main Street) on the east, Sheridan Avenue which became (old) Hampden Avenue on the north, and extended around five blocks south. This took in the area of the railroad tracks. His own home stood on Natches Ct., and is still standing today. His daughter lived across the street, and that house is still there as well.

"Colorado State Business Directory"

A publication, "Colorado State Business Directory," was published for areas with a postoffice. The listings include important and interesting historical information and offer a unique insight into the importance placed on names as evidenced by the mulitiple spellings of people's surnames and their occupations, and their locations in the area. Both Petersburgh and Fort Logan were listed, but no listing was found for Sheridan, even after 1900, since Sheridan never had a post office. It is assumed that there was a charge for being included in the directory.

The first listing was for Petersburgh in 1883: "Station on D. & R. G. R. R., in Arapahoe Country, 8 miles south of Denver." This was followed by:
"Bowen, M. A. Harvest Queen Mills.
Candler, Adolph, postmaster and gen'l mdse."

The station on the D. & R. G. R. R. [Denver Rio Grande Rail Road] in Arapahoe County, 8 miles south of Denver showed up from 1884-5. In 1889 the population was added to the listing and was 90. It also showed that this was also a station for the A. T. & S. F. Ry. [Atcheson Topeka & the Santa Fe Railway] By 1890 the population was 125. In 1891-2 it was just listed as a railway station in Arapahoe County. In 1894 it listed the two railroads it served. By 1898 the population was up to 200. In 1904 it added "Connected with Denver by street car line", and the population had grown to 250. In 1906-7 it lists the population at 150. In 1908 it lists the population at 100. In 1910 it no longer says that is as connected with Denver by a street car line but still lists the population at 100. In 1912 the population was shown as 200. In 1913-14 it is listed as "a station of D & R G. R. R. South of Denver, half mile west of Englewood. Population 200".

Businesses listed in 1884:
Chandler, Adolph, postmaster and general mdse from 1883-4. Note that in 1895 the name is Chandler, not Candler. In 1886 his name was again spelled Candler [which probably was correct]. In 1887, Mr. Candler is now listed as grocer, stationer, watchmaker and postmaster. In 1894 Mr. Candler is now listed as postmaster, groceries and jewelry and stationary. In 1896 Mr. Candler is listed as postmaster, jewelry and stationary. In 1898-9 Mr. Candler is listed as groceries, jeweler & postmastr [sic]. In 1900 he is just groceries and jwlr. In 1901 he is listed as jeweler. In 1902-3 his profession was groceries & watchmaker.

Failing & Son, Harvest Queen Mill shows up in 1884. Clearly a new owner of the mill. It continues until 1885.

New businesses in 1885:
The Boettcher Hardware Co., Denver, Wholesale Hardware and Stoves
Farmers & Merchant's Insurance Co., Denver continues in business until 1887.

There were no new businesses in 1886.

New businesses in 1887:
Brown, J. M., gardener until 1901.
Cornell, Joseph, carpenter, until 1888.
Nelson, H., powder works. Not listed again until 1890 and then as Nelson & Bro., H., powder wks. until 1891

New businesses in 1888:
Perkins, Hart & Co., Fire Insurance, 1130 15th St., Denver

New listings in 1889:
Bean, Mrs., boarding house.1889-1894
Braun & Miller, wh. And ret. Nursery and florists.1889-1891.
Loudin, M., mason.1890
Puff, Jacob, capitalists to 1891. In 1893-4 he is listed as groceries. In 1895-6 it is listed as Mrs. Puff.
Rosenbush, Ed., meat market. In 1892-5 he has a meat market and saloon. In 1896 he is listed as saloon. In 1898 he was listed as Roseubusch, Ed, constable.
Wyman, Pap., saloon.1891

In 1890 a large area was incorporated as the Town of Sheridan by election. Sheridan took in Petersburg, the area known as Logantown, and Dartmouth to south of Oxford. It had irregular boundaries. The information given below has been gleaned from the Colorado State Business Directory pages.

Mayor: We know that Jacob Puff, capitalist and grocer, was elected the first mayor of Sheridan in 1890. In 1902 in the Fort Logan list we find that Chas [sic] Gallagher was mayor. John Fitzgerald was the Mayor in 1906-9 (he was also justice of the peace and saloon prop.during this time.)
City Clerk: Michael H. Hoolahan, a saloon prop., 1903 & 1905(P) ; W P Olson in 1904-5(P); J B Serber from 1906-7.
City Treasurer: H J Wehrly 1904, blacsksmith and saloon keeper.
Constable: Ed Roseubusch 1889, in 1892-6 Ed Rosenbush had a meat market and saloon.
Marshal: Harry Livingston 1902, [In 1905 he was a saloon prop.]; 1903-4 Frank M. Thompson; M H Hoolahan 1905, he was a saloon prop. [in 1905 he is listed both under Petersburg and Fort Logan, but in Fort Logan he is Mike Hoolahan]; in 1906 James Kehoe.
Deputy Marshal: M. Nelson in 1904
Town Attorney: R D Reece 1904.
Street Commr. : 1903 John Murphy; 1904 Martin Nelson.
Justice [of the ] peace: Ed Bean 1891-93, 1895-6, 1900; Joseph Skerritt 1903; Higgins [no other name] 1895-6, was a grocer, later Higgins Mercantile 1901, shown in Orchard Place; A Wilson 1898-9; In 1906--09 Harry Livingston who was also mayor and saloon prop. In 1910-11 he is the justice and saloon.
Police Magistrate: John Murphy 1906
Postmaster: Petersburg-
1883-1899, Adolph Candler, postmaster. [In 1895 his name was spelled Chandler.]
E N. Bean 1901-5 (spelled Beam in 1902).

Fort Logan

J. E. Evans 1894-6, and again in 1895. In 1898-1910, Mrs. E R Richards is the postmistress, her first name is listed in later years as Effie, Effie R and Effe. In 1903 her title was changed to postmaster. In 1910 her name is listed as Richardson, Effie R, postmaster. In 1912 she is listed Richards Mrs. E R, postmaster. In 1913-14 Mrs. Hatie Watson, postmaster.
Petersburg Principal: L. J. Rote (Roate) 1903-6.
Fort Logan Principal: Mrs. Helen Eddy, princ school 1906-10.
Petersburg Newspaper: South Arapahoe Herald (w), Marcus F. Wistrom, publisher.


Fort Logan lines:
D & R G Express In 1894 J E Evans postmaster, & freight, ticket & express agent;
D & R G R R C L Thomas was agent in 1895; in 1896 J E Evans is postmaster & freight, ticket and Exp. Agt. 1898-1908 C W Richards is the agent. In 1912 Richards Charles W agt. In 1913-14 Wiliams Howard, station agt.
AT&SF Ry, E A Kuhn was agt in 1893
D L & G RR H Ransom, agt in 1896.

Petersburg lines:
D & R G R R [Petersburg and Fort Logan address]

Sheridan Junction:
C & S, Soper agt. in 1905.

Fort Logan Post Exchange: 1894 Capt. C A Cooledge in charge. 1895-7 Capt. J T Van Orsdale in charge. In 1898 1st Lieut. G W McIver in charge.


Methodist Episcopal Church, 1903-4 Rev. D Annerman, pastor. In 1905-10 Rev, Miller, pastor.

Fort Logan:
Catholic Church, Father Brady priest, 1902-5. In 1906-11 his is listed as Father O'Brady. In 1912-13 he is listed Father Richard Brady priest. In 1914 Father E H Clark priest.

Directory Listings

New listings in 1890:
Borgen, P., wagon maker. to 1891
Swisher, carpenter & builder. In 1892 he is listed as meat market and carpenter. In 1901 Swisher Y H, carpenter,

New listings in 1891:
Bean, Ed, justice peace. until 1893, he is not listed in 1894 but again in 1895-6. In 1900 he is Bean, E. N., justice peace and postmaster. In 1901 he is postmaster and justice of the peace. In 1902 he is listed as Beam E N, postmaster. In 1903 he is again Bean, E N as the postmaster. 1904-5
Davidson, D, stone mason
Prescott, O, contractor and builder

New listings in 1892:
Leach, L J, gardener.1892-6
Magnes, Chas, groceries.1892-3
Sprague, W B, flour, feed and coal. 1892-3
Wehrly, Henry, blacksmith. 1892-1901. In 1903 Wehrly H J, saloon. 1904. In 1905 he was the city treasurer
New listings in 1893
Miller, J L, wh and ret nursery and florist. Can this be the same Miller listed in 1889 as Braun and Miller? In 1894, the listing is Miller, J. L., florist. until 1895.

Petersburg, has lost the "h" at the end in the listings by 1894 and now looks like the place name we recognize.

New listings in 1894:
Higgins, justice peace. In 1895-6 Higgins--------, groceries. In 1898 this was listed as Higgins Mercantile Co, genl merchandise. 1901 shows it in Orchard Place
Merchant & Co., T. W., coal 1886. In 1903 he shows up as Merchant T W, real estate.

New listings in 1895:
Bonnick, M. carpenter. 1895-6
Harnselman, J., florist 1895-9
Madox, D., ice. 1895-9
Skerritt & Hanford, saloon.
Spears, Fred, groceries.

New listings in 1896:
Benson & Crockford, florists. In 1898 this was listed as Benson, N A, nurseries to 1901. In 1902 his business is nursery.
Croff, Eugene, saloon.
Lawton, Chas, saloon. [Lawton, Chas, saloon. 1899-1907 shown in Fort Logan]. In 1912 he is saloon, notary. In 1913-14 he is saloon.

No copy of the listings for 1897

New listings in 1898:
Bellinger, A H meat market
Crist, Peter E, blacksmith. 1898-9
Franklin, Wm, Saloon 1898-9
Hanford & Ernest, saloon, Orchard Place also in 1899. Ernest, Henry, saloon, (Orchard Place) shows up in 1901
Hotel Petersburg, Mrs. Barbara Zick, prop. 1900. In 1901 & 2903 Mr. Chas Pierson is the prop. In 1902 Chocovish & Pierson are the props. In 1904-5 A R Thomas was the prop. In 1905 Thomas Bros props. In 1907 Hartman C A, prop Hotel Petersburg, roadhouse and club. In 1908-9 it is just listed Hotel Petersburg no description of the business. In 1910 it is simply listed as Hotel Petersburg, with no prop. In 1912, Hotel Petersburg, Wm Ehmke. In 1913-15 it is listed as Hotel Petersburg.
Wilson, A, justice peace 1898-9
Woodhouse, Wm, groceries. 1903-4. In 1905-6 he is listed grocery. In 1907-9 he is again groceries. In 1910 it is again grocer.

New listings in 1899:
Kent, W G, saloon.1899-1900
Yerby, T G, gardener 1899-1900

New listings in 1900:
Bell, John, ice (Orchard Place) In 1901 the first name has become Alvin.
Bunt, J W, saloon.
Gilman, A W, fancy poultry. 1900-4
Hall, M, blacksmith. 1900-1

New listings in 1901:
Barthelmew, A W, saloon (Orchard Place)
Brown, G W, civil engineer 1901-3
Croll, J, confy, Orchard Place
Hemlein J, barber
Rice C F, blacksmith 1903-5
Skerritt George, cig & confy.

New listings in 1902:
Brandt Geo K, saloon 1902-3
Bunt, Mrs. Mary, restaurant.
McPherson I P, blacksmith 1902-3
Stecklein L, saloon, opp Sheridan Park. Shows up again in 1909. [This business is also listed in Fort Logan from time to time.]
Tompkins G W, carpenter. 1903-10
White C W, saloon.

New listings in 1903:
Howard W A, jeweler.
McClintock Miss E, restaurant. 1903-4
McCullough S, shoemaker.
Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. D Annerman pastor, 1903-4. In 1905-10 Rev. Miller was the Pastor.
Nelson, M, nursery. In 1904 he is the deputy marshal.
Rote L J, prin school. In 1904 he is listed as Roate L J, princ school. In 1905-6 the spelling of the name is Rote.
Skerritt Joseph, justice peace
South Arapahoe Co-Operative Association, genl mdse and lumber. In 1904 grain was added. In 1905 F W Beyer was the prop. In 1906-7 F W Meyer is listed as the prop.
South Arapahoe Herald (w), Marcus F Wistrom publr.
Tompkins, G F, plasterer. 1903-5
Thompson Frank M, constable. 1903-4

New listings in 1904:
Peters J P, blacksmith.
Root E R, nursery. 1904-5
New listings in 1905
Curran Bill Posting Co., office Denver 1905-6
Hoolahan M. H, marshal.
Olson W P, city clerk
Soper, agt. Sheridan Junction (C & S)
Watson Hugh, saloon.

New listings in 1906:
Bunt James T, saloon. 1906-7. [In 1900 Bunt, J W had a saloon, is this a relative, son maybe? In 1902 Bunt, Mrs. Mary, restaurant. Another relative, mother perhaps?]
Bunt M M, restaurant
Murphy John, police magistrate.
Rice & Thomas, blacksmiths. 1906-9

New listings in 1907:
De Mandel Frank E, prop Wayside Inn. 1908-10. In 1912 M J Desaye is listed for the Way Side Inn Hotel. In 1913-15 just listed as the Way Side Inn.
Englewood Coal Co, Skerrett Bros. Props.1908-10. In 1912-15 it was the Englewood Lumber & Coal Co.

All the listings in 1908 were repeats of earlier listings.

New listings in 1909:
Stecklein L, saloon, opp. Sheridan Park. [He first seems to show up in 1902, was he in business all that time? Or did he close and re-open? He also shows up in Fort Logan lists.]
Tavern Hotel Co., Thos O'Donnell pres. In 1910 the middle initial J was added, and it was listed as The Tavern.

New listings in 1910:
Rice C F, blacksmith.
Theys John, saloon. 1910-13.

New listings in 1912:
Bellinger A H, blacksmith
Boluch Herman, barber.
Petersburg Coal & Feed Co., I F Downer.
Petersburg Merc. Co, J C Christiansen prop.

New listings in 1913:
Downer Ira F feed and fuel. 1913-15
Ellwell R S, blacksmith. 1913-15
Graveson John N, genl mdse. 1913-15

No New listings in 1914 or 1915.

We have no further years for Petersburg. It is interesting to note that many businesses were not listed every year, but seemed to be doing business , and toward the last few years, proprietors names were not listed. Some Orchard Place [the original name for Englewood] businesses were listed, probably because they got their mail at Petersburg postoffice. Other businesses in other parts of what have become Sheridan will covered in subsequent program books. Let your fingers do the walking though time.

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