Sheridan Celebrates - Family Ties

With a forward written by Roger Rowland and introduction written by Bonita Hutcheson.


"Sheridan Celebrates" has been held each year since the city centennial in 1990. There is a theme for each year and a booklet is published containing information about the City of Sheridan, the activities and sponsors for the day, and history. The theme in 1994 was "Family Ties." In 1994 biographies were included for six Sheridan families.


Families provide the backbone in any community. Sheridan has always maintained a family oriented front and projected those values upon its government and education structures. Sheridan's early history was marked by settlement of the fertile areas along the Platte River and Bear Creek, Fort Logan, and the hill north of the farm that John McBroom, Sheridan's first resident settled on. In later years more people would follow, drawn by available land, bringing their families or their hopes of one to make homes, create industries, and add to the richness of this small community.

A closely knit family is crucial in a successful community the community will not reflect the solidarity and security unless those same families work toward that success by serving the community.

The Stanfield Family

by Edna Stanfield

John Stanfield came to Sheridan in October of 1945, immediately after discharge from the U. S. Army, where he had served in the Medical Corp., attached to a searchlight battalion. He served from July 28, 1942 to October 1945. He and his wife, Edna, purchased the Morgan property on West Hamilton Place. He immediately began to improve on it, as funds became available.

By the time John was discharged, his first son, born on August 16, 1943, was two years old. There was an adjustment for both father and son to take place, as by May 20, 1947, number 2 son was born.

John moved the two room house over about 20 feet and had a man come and dig out the basement. At that time John worked for Stark Lumber on Santa Fe south of Alameda. By Thanksgiving of 1947 he moved his wife and boys into a roughly finished basement. By July of 1951 he had completed the main floor and added son number 3. Until he finished the basement, we had outdoor plumbing and well water from a hand pump. We sure should have saved that, it would make a pretty yard decoration now.

John joined the Sheridan Volunteer Fire Department in 1948 and served until 1971. Of those 23 years 22 were spent as Fire Chief. He was also active in the school and spent from 1956 to 1977 as a Sheridan School Board member. He was fund raiser for the Little League team that Art Wollenweber coached. John and his wife loved children, they raised five boys; Bob Wesley, Gordon, Doug, and Stuart, - all graduates of Sheridan Schools. Doug is now driving a school bus for the Sheridan School District and also served a term as Councilman for the City of Sheridan.

We saw our home in the country become another house on the block. When we moved to Sheridan there were no warehouses or big places for the fire trucks [to fight fires].

Mr. & Mrs. Stanfield were active in Scouting with their boys. We wouldn't think of missing a High School football game even when it was out of town. We love Sheridan and have many memories of the wonderful neighbors, friends and families that our boys grew up with.

When Mr. Stanfield died and I sold out I couldn't think of moving out of the city. These are the people I've grown old with. They are all a part of my 49 years as a citizen of Sheridan.

When the flood of '65 hit the people of Sheridan pulled together to restore and clean up our homes. Such a good feeling of togetherness and our children pitched right in to help too.

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