Mayors of Sheridan, Colorado

New: June 8, 2019.

Picture of Tara Beiter-Fluhr

Picture of Dallas Hall

Picture of Mary Carter

Tara Beiter-Fluhr
December 2017 - October 2021

Dallas Hall
November 2009 - November 2017

Mary Carter
Octcber 2002 - October 2009

Picture of James Egan

 Picture of Dale Patton

Picture of Roger B. Rowland
James Egan
November 1997 - September 2002
Dale Patton
January 1990 - October 1997
Roger B. Rowland
August 1983 - December 1989

The city starting taking offical pictures of mayors and city council members in 1987. The pictures of the current mayor and city council members are displayed on the wall of the west hall way entrance of city hall. The wall pictures are given to the mayor or council member when they complete their time in office. The idea for the pictures came came from Kissimee, Florida after a visit to their city hall by then Mayor Rowland.


Picture of Ann Herring Picture of Wilfred D. Corbin Picture of Theodore Armstrong

Ann Herring
September 1982 - August 1983

Wilfred D. Corbin
January 1974 - September 1982

Theodore "Ted" Armstrong
October 1970 - December 1973

This picture of Ted Armstrong was taken in 1980, seven years after he was mayor. Ted was a volunteer firefighter, thus the badge on his shirt. Wilfred Corbin also served as mayor from January 1966 to December 1967. The society is still working on collecting pictures of mayors from before 1970.

List of all Sheridan Mayors

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