Sheridan Historical Marker #4

This page was created: March 22, 2015.

This marker was placed by the Sheridan Historical Society in Wildcat Park at 3140 W. Jefferson Avenue on the north side of Bear Creek on March 21, 2015.

    Isaac McBroom Historical Marker  Historical Marker #4 Area

Picture of overhead arial view of marker 4 location.
    Overhead arial picture of marker location.  

Text on marker #4.

"Isaac McBroom Homestead Historical Marker

In May of 1860, after a month and a half of travel from Iowa, Isaac McBroom joined his brother John, and filed for a homestead patent on the land to the west of John's. Isaac brought with him his wife Emma Brower and one year old daughter Eva. His homestead patent was granted July 20, 1872, signed by President U. S. Grant.

He also brought the first honey bees to Colorado. Eva, who later married neighbor Clark Playter, recalled that they prospered and brought honey to the region, making it "Flow with milk and honey". Unfortunately the bees perished in the winter of 1862-63.

The first year Isaac's family lived with John, and then the brothers built a cabin on the homestead. This cabin was moved to the Littleton Historical Museum grounds in 1987.

Together the brothers dug the McBroom Ditch, drawing water from Bear Creek. This ditch was the first claim on the creek.

Placed by the Sheridan Historical Society in March 2015."

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