June Lindstrom

May 26, 1925 - February 18, 2011

This article was included in the "Sheridan Celebrates" booklet from September 24, 2011.

June Lindstrom was born May 26, 1925 and died February 18, 2011. June was a longtime resident in the city of Sheridan. She was 85 years of age. She was preceded in death by her loving husband. Survived by sister Sheri Qack) Millard; son, Wendell (Zandra) Rakestraw.

Sigurd. June and Sigurd bought their brand new house in 1955 on West Jefferson Ave. In 1965 she was the first woman in the City of Sheridan, elected councilwoman, serving one term, and was the first councilmember ever appointed as the Police Commissioner for the city. (Please note that Marie K. Modrell had served on the "Board of Trustees, when Sheridan was still classified as a town under state statutes.)

After the Bear Creek flood of 1965, which destroyed almost anything that got in its way, including Jefferson Ave. June, with a handful of citizens and Councilmen, got involved in petitioning to get the Mt. Carbon flood control project dam going. Known today as the Bear Creek Dam, she served as the project's president. She came up with the project's campaign slogan -- "Tame the Bear". Within a couple years, it passed Congress and a couple of years later they started to build the Bear Creek Dam.

She had many hobbies in her life: she flew small airplanes, was a midget race car driver, and, in later years, she took up oil painting. She loved and took care of many animals, stray and her own. She will be missed very much.

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