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Written for "Sheridan Celebrates" in 1999, 2000 and 2001

Aeration Consultants

2333 W. Oxford Ave.
Sheridan, Colo.

Greg W. Schreiner started Aeration Consultants, Inc. in 1985. He says, "Our company offers residential and commercial aeration, commercial landscape maintenance, which includes irrigation, snow removal and enhancement landscaping and full landscape construction. We have been in the Sheridan area for thirteen years and at our location at 2333 W. Oxford Ave. since April, 1998."

"You can't grow grass on a brick."

All-Coast Forest Products, Inc.

2000 W Oxford Ave.
Sheridan, Colo.

They are a wholesale lumber and building material business. They took over the location from Kaibab Lumber in October 1990.

Bingo City

3820 S Federal Blvd.
Sheridan, Colo.

Owned by Anna Neumeyer, this multi-generation business of 3 brothers, daughters and sons offers exciting entertainment and a gathering place for residents for four years. For the previous 13 years, they were at 1880 W Oxford.

They remember a small quiet neighborhood with few services and a small fire and police department. Their neighbors were warehouses, small businesses and Pace Warehouse.

Blue Springs 'n Katydid Dog Training Center

2980 W. Oxford Ave., Unit B
Sheridan, Colo.

Blue Springs 'n Katydid Dog Training Center has been in the city of Sheridan for 12 years. Owned by Mrs. Carole-Joy Evert, they were at Tufts and Navajo in Englewood before relocating to 2980 W Oxford Ave in Unit B. They specialize in behavior modification and dog training.

Carroll's Corner Pub

3620 S Federal Blvd.
Sheridan, Colo.

Terry & Jill Carroll have bought this long-time neighborhood restaurant and bar when the state bought his previous business. They looked hard to find the best deal in the metro area and was pleased to find this business in Sheridan.

Terry graduated from Mullen High School and worked in Sheridan's school district from 1967-1975 beginning his career at Petersburg Elementary School as a PE teacher.

When Petersburg closed, he took the opportunity to move up to Sheridan High School to teach Math and Social Studies where he taught Ray Sample, who grew up to be what Terry considers the finest police chief in the metro area. He was the assistant basketball and football coach for many years, finally taking over baseball from Art Wollenweber, then Vice Principal at Sheridan High School.

For the past one and a half years, Terry and Jill have been pleased to create and maintain a friendly neighborhood establishment where people can go to have a good time.

C & M Iron & Metal Co, Inc

2390 W Hampden Ave
Sheridan, Colo.

This old beet dump in lower Sheridan, also called "The Bottoms", was turned into a successful scrap metal recycling business which has operated since 1962. They have expanded into the old Culligan Water office across the street from their main operation. For 38 years C& M Iron & Metal Co, Inc, has sold new and used steel, and machinery.

Their memories of Sheridan include Camp DeRickles, a Boy Scout Camp, now the Flying Saucer Trailer Park and the flood of 1965, which destroyed many of their neighbors, the many small machine shops and auto wreckers that flourished in northeastern end of the city. They also remember that during the flood men were trapped on top of a mound at Herbertson's Sand and Gravel Tower. They were rescued by boat after someone heard their cries.

Colorado School of Ballet

3920 S Federal Blvd.
Sheridan, Colo.

They have been the epicenter of culture for boys and girls in Sheridan for 16 years teaching teach dance performance and educational dance programs. They have produced ballets such as the The Nutcracker for the community, giving many children their first taste of culture and drama. They are recognizable by their signature 'pink building' on South Federal Boulevard.

Denver Drywall

S. Zuni Street
Sheridan, Colo.

Denver Drywall Company has been in Sheridan on Zuni Street for over 25 years. In business for a total of 53 years, they have been responsible for a large part of commercial drywall construction in the Denver metro area.

"We enjoy seeing Sheridan remain a vital part of the metro area and support it's endeavor to
grow and yet retain their 'small town' atmosphere and strong educational system for it's residents."

Environmental Abatement Services of Denver, Inc.

4301 S Federal Blvd, Unit 112
Sheridan, Colo.

They have provided environmental hazardous materials remediation, asbestos, lead & other metals, bio-hazardous materials removal from their Sheridan location for the last year.

Sue M. Leidoph, President of the firm, remembers Cindy Crenshaw, Anita Clark, and Dorothy Carter (former Sheridan School Board member and wife of Bill Carter, former City Councilman) provided excellent day care for small children in their homes. Their son attended day care in a home in Sheridan.

When the City acted to terminate the services, they banded together to allow day care in private homes to continue. They received a letter of support from Dottie Lamb (then Governor Dick Lamm's wife) who supported out cause. Sue remembers it as a learning experience, and an example of the positive power of the community, because they won and the day care continued.oulevard has seen definite improvement over the years.

Forte Farms

4001 S. Federal Blvd.
Sheridan, Colo.

Forte Farms has the prestige of being in the former city hall building at 4001 S Federal Blvd. When the City obtained the building after the 1965 flood, it had been a small grocery store. It is appropriate that it has reverted to its original use. Forte Farms sells seasonal Colorado fruit from their own orchards in Palisade. They have been at this location since 1988, 14 years now. Sheridan is about the same as it was then, but South Federal Boulevard has seen definite improvement over the years .

Hopp's Auto Body, Inc.

2045 W Hampden Ave.
Sheridan, Colo.

This company has been in business in Sheridan for twenty-six years at the same location on Brady Ct. at Hamilton Pl. They have seen the rebuilding of "The Bottoms" in lower Sheridan and the construction of the new off ramp at Hampden as well as the closing of the Shoshone Street and Bryant Street intersections of US 285.

K-Motion Auto Service

2735 W Hampden Ave.
Sheridan, Colo.

This father and son business has been providing automotive service and repair at this location for six years. When they first came to Sheridan, it was smaller, less clean. They believe that all the new businesses and buildings that have discovered Sheridan have improved its image.

When they started the K-Motion Auto Service, cars buses and taxis were the form of transportation to get around the city. Their neighbors were restaurants, bars, convenience stores, auto salvage, and body shops.

Even though the dirt side streets still puzzle them, they like the feel and are pleased with the good response from the Police when help is needed. The Fire Department is impressive with the thoroughness of their and the extent of their helpfulness with problems.

La-Z-Boy Funiture Gallery

3300 S. Shoshone St.
Sheridan, Colo.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery operates its corporate office in Sheridan at 3300 S. Shoshone Street. They have stores in Denver, Englewood, and Westminster. Mr. Gary Maulding tells us this is a second generation business. He feels like the city has improved the streets over the three yreas they have been in operation. Car repair, garages, grocery stores, and tire distributors were their neighbors when they moved in. They feel the city officials, police and fire departments are very cooperative and nice people.

Mary's Place

2640 W Hampden Ave.
Sheridan, Colo.

Mary Schutte has been at Mary's Place for 29 years. She worked at the breakfast and lunch cafe for 20 years before buying it. She has owned it now for 9 years, and both daughters work for her now.

Mary remembers Sheridan as an empty when she first came here. Travel was by bus and cars. Her neighbors were Harmony Market, Jim's Auction, Pistol Pete's Saloon, Day & Night Heating, and Chris Cham's Auto.

She remembers Carroll Royer, former police [commissioner] and fireman, and how hard he worked, especially during the search for Lori Polland and her kidnapper.

Otherwise city life in Sheridan is uneventful, except for the afternoon commute traffic jams during the homecoming parade.

The Schuttes live on the south end of Sheridan - her youngest daughter attended Alice Terry for kindergarten. Mary likes the small town atmosphere within a big city. She enjoys the benefits that create a pleasant community, and yet is vibrant, giving her enough business to be successful.

Randy's Small Car Repair Inc.

3470 S. Federal Blvd.
Sheridan, Colo.

Mr. Aaron Virgo has operated Randy's Small Car Repair Inc. at 3470 S Federal Blvd. For three and one-half years. He finds that the businesses around him have not changed much since that time. He is the son-in-law of former Mayor Dale Patton. He feels the fire and Police Departments as well as the city officials have been helpful.

Red & Jerry's

1840 W Oxford Ave
Sheridan, Colo.

After four laborious years of site study, design, development, and construction, Red & Jerry's opened all 82,000 sq. ft. in July 1997. It is an incredible upscale entertainment facility unlike any other, in the United States.

It offers 25,000 square feet of the hottest interactive video and virtual reality games, and activities featuring simulated play on nine of the country's best golf courses, simulcasts of off track wagering, a mechanical climbing wall, pocket billiards, dining for lunch or dinner, 'The Events Center' for private functions, live music, complete with a bar, stage, a 15 x 12 big screen, two full service restaurants, and two bars featuring a "Sports Bar" with 200 mounted TVs.

In keeping with their community orientation, they have designated parking the Light Rail for the Oxford Station.

Red & Jerry's loves families and large gatherings. With over 600 parking spaces and a first class catering department, they can handle an intimate date or a class reunion.

Valentine's Marine

4350 S. Federal Blvd.
Sheridan, Colo.

Serving the metro area's boat, motor, trailers and accessories and parts needs, Valentine's Marine has enjoyed their current location at 4350 S Federal Blvd for seven and one-half years. Prior to this they were situated at Santa Fe Dr and Oxford for another seven and one-half years. They felt the city was good, but small when they first opened their doors, but it has grown and continues to do so. This three-generation business is composed of Mr. Tom Valentine, his son and grandson, who attends the Sheridan schools. Mr. Valentine feels the police and fire departments were very good but they are better and that Chief Ray Sample has done a great job. He is planning to move to a new location at 4260 S Federal in the near future. He appreciates everybody's business over the last 15 years and looks forward to many more.

Western Metals Recycling

2100 W Oxford Ave.
Sheridan, Colo.

We are metals recycling firm, purchasing and processing all types of metals for new materials manufacturing firms. The plant has been at this location for approximately 23 years and has been known as Western Metals Recycling since 1996. We are a locally managed LLC, owned by a multinational corporation located in Holland.

We had a major fire last winter that is still quite vivid for us. Sheridan Police and Fire Departments were extremely responsive to the crisis and most helpful in dealing with the news media and regulatory agencies.

Sheridan Fire Department, (as well as several other departments), regularly utilizes our facility for training purposes. Our main remembrances regarding the recent history of the city is the improvements to Oxford Ave and its South Platte Bridge, which have enhanced access to our business. Even though aren't familiar with past history, we're glad we're here.

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